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We’re at Your Service

At Curio Culinaria, we want to give our customers the most enjoyable shopping experience, one that will keep them coming back to our store time and time again. That’s why we’ve developed clear store policies that outline everything you need to know about how we operate and run our business. Read the following sections to find out more about how we provide the best customer experience for our shoppers.

Availability Policies

In order to secure a specific date, please abide by the listed "Availability" calendar and DO NOT place orders for dates listed as "UNAVAILABLE' on the calendar or "CLOSED" on our "WELCOME TO THE SITE" message. This will result in an immediate cancellation of this order without notice and will incur a cancellation fee of 5% of the order place. 

Return and Refund Policies

Perishable Items

There will be no returns, refunds, or exchanges accepted for perishable items, unless an error has been made with your order. In the event that an error has been made, you must contact us after receiving your order. We will try our best to remedy the situation, but there is no guarantee. Any attempts to return/refund/exchange perishable items after the delivery date will not be honored.

Cancellation Policies

In order to ensure our quality of service, we require that any cancellations or adjustments to your order be made at least 72 hours prior to your delivery on standard menu items and 14 days prior to custom request as items may be purchased in preparation of this order.

Orders cannot be cancelled or refunded within 48 hours of the delivery. You may make any changes that you wish to an order until 5 days prior to delivery date. We cannot guarantee any changes to size, flavors, or artwork will be available if changes are made within 5 days.

All cancellation refunds are subject to a deduction of any fees charged for the transaction.

For special allergies, orders with special requested items, or custom orders; if any custom items, special ingredients, or special allergy planning went into the preparation of this order, a deduction of these costs will be applied before a refund is issued. 

NOTE: Orders placed on dates listed as "UNAVAILABLE" on the page's "AVAILABILITY" calendar will be subjected to the same deduction of any processing fees.

Curio Culinaria Gift Card

No returns will be administered for gift cards.

Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped via USPS or UPS once the transaction has been completed. If an effort to deliver all products in a timely manner, your order may be fulfilled in multiple shipments. If any item in your order is delayed or back-ordered, we will ship the items when they become available. As a result, you may receive more than one shipment for each order.

Please note: All orders are shipped Monday through Friday and only during regular business hours. Saturday and Sunday shipping is not available. Overnight air shipping is not available. Delivery time is from point of order fulfillment, not order placement.

Online Ordering Policy

Prices will be identified as you place your order. Minimum order amounts may apply. Any applicable delivery fees, cancellation fees, taxes and other amounts due in connection with your order will be identifies at the time you place your order. There may be limits on the dollar value or quantity of order placed on our site. You are responsible for your order, in advance, by means of a payment option made available on this site at the time of ordering. We may use third party providers and may accept various third party services to process payments. This site may allow you to customize your order. Refunds, if any, of amounts paid for cancelled orders will be identified at the time of cancellation. Additional details about online ordering services are available upon request. You may be able to use your Curio Culinaria Gift Card in connection with online ordering services, in which case, Terms and Conditions will also apply.

Delivery Policy

We take pride in our customer service at Curio Culinaria which includes not only the quality of our products, but also the reliability of delivery.

Please note

·        Text alerts will be sent to customers 15-30 minutes prior to delivery times to notify them that the order will be delivered soon. If there is no response, a call will be placed if deemed necessary. 

·        All deliveries can only be delivered between the hours of 10:00am-12:00pm then 1:00pm-8:00pm Monday-Friday, and 7:00am-11:00am then 1:00pm-8:00pm on Saturday & Sunday.

·        Delivery times cannot be guaranteed but we do our best to deliver within a window of the time selected. This is for a window of 1 hour before or after. Example 7:00am (6-8:00am window). If the delivery time is beyond this, we will notify you via text.

·        We cannot deliver to P.O. boxes

·        The recipient may be called to schedule a delivery.

·        A recipient signature will be required for all residential deliveries to confirm the delivery. And deliveries to hotels or resorts will only be to Front Desk or Bell Services.

·        For residential deliveries: If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, we will call the recipient to see if it is acceptable to leave the purchase there. In the event that the recipient is unable to receive their order, the full monetary amount of the order and delivery will still be charged.

- If you notice that there is an error in the recipient’s address, please contact us to remedy the error.

·         For business/school deliveries: The delivery person will wait at the front desk, with security, or with the receptionist for your signature. If the business location is closed at time of delivery, please indicate so on your Resort/Local Order Delivery and we will wait for you to receive your delivery outside your building.

·         In the event that an in-person delivery window is missed, a redelivery can be scheduled at an additional charge.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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